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SET Group aims to create digital services in education area in USA and Europe.  

SET Group is mainly focused on mobile and web based solutions to help school administrators to maximize their performance cost effectively. 

Our Projects

Our Servuces
Online Enrolling is a multi-vendor market place that enable students / parents to find the best school as they need. 

In School Reporting

E-school enables administrates to monitor their school business in terms of critical KPIs such as revenue, cost, number of enrolled students and many more. 

Content Creation

Ogrencix is an educational portal that contains secondary & high school content, mainly focused on university entrance exam in Turkey.  


Parametric Education  Solutions help users to follow up sales, invoice transactions, payments, stocks and installation transactions.

Personal Management

e-school helps to manage all employee information such as contracts, job descriptions, notices and so on.

Learning Management Sytem

e-school adopts the most updated study methods in the learning management system comprehension.


“Ogrencix was the key of our success in the university entrance exam”

Mehmet Ali Yildirim
CEO of Altin College

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