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Learning Managemnet System

OgrenciX adopts the most updated study methods in the learning management system comprehension.  The platforms enables students to follow all units with ease and intensify all gains with mini quiz and tests at the end of each section. 

Capabilities of the platform

  • ​User friendly interface

  • Ease of set up

  • Compatibility of all platforms (PC, Tablet, Smart phone)

  • Professional academic team

  • Study progress follow up

  • Smart matching module

  • Point scoring system

  • E-score card & success report

  • On-line support

Content of the platform

  • More than 22,000 videos

  • Detailed lectures

  • Tests & quiz & answers

  • Smart cell management

Why OgrenciX

  • OgrenciX helps students to focus on the topic.

  • Platform helps students to save time by eliminating unnecessary topics.

  • It is accessible everywhereeverytime.

  • It also allows student to make real time performance analysis.

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